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Photographer Rob Andrew

Good photography is so often a confluence of human connection and visual spark. Getting to know my subjects has been a privilege granted by my camera, a backstage pass into new worlds for which I am deeply grateful. The purpose and personality of the subject should show in the photographs. For this reason, I am interested in knowing my clients and their products thoroughly and helping them achieve an authentic portrait, a beautifully crafted product shot, or lifestyle image with impact and verve.

As a photographer who loves comedy, getting to know new people, and sustaining an active lifestyle, you’ll find me rolling on the ground or climbing ladders to achieve just the right perspective while coaching my client or model into the desired expression. Whether it’s only you and I in the studio or local park, or an entire team of creatives on set with makeup, lights, wardrobe and crew, the simple human communication and connection remain the most critical components.

Having taught both music and photography, I am also passionate about sharing my knowledge and soaking up more along the way. To that end, I own and I am a contributing instructor on, where I’ve recently released an online food photography course. When I’m not shooting, I love snowboarding, tennis, backpacking, playing guitar, and hanging out in beautiful San Diego.

Contact me now to ask about your next photo shoot, I’d love to hear from you!
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