Frequently Asked Questions - Photography

Do you have a studio?

Yes, I now have a studio in San Diego in the Miramar area. I live in Oceanside, and I also shoot out on location. So I'm all over the map in San Diego!

What's up with the Knife Photos?

A few years back, I created a website for a reseller of collectible handmade knives(see Knives are difficult to photograph and so it naturally followed that knife photography and product photography in general became part of my day-to-day duties. My first published photograph was in Blade magazine.

Do you travel?

Yes, I love to travel, especially to photograph. Please do not hesitate to ask. Travel is included if in the San Diego area between Dana Point and the Mexican border.

Do I get a digital copy of the photos?

For most sessions, I offer the option to purchase a CD of digital files (JPG or TIFF). You can also purchase individual JPG files from your online gallery.

Do you shoot any film?

I started out with film photography but I prefer the speed and convenience of digital.

When do I get my pictures?

In general, within one week of a portrait session, two weeks of a wedding, one to two weeks for engagment photography. I like to work fast and I don't use a lot of Photoshop. I am a firm believer in getting it right in the camera. I am not a big fan of digital effects, but I am willing to retouch and do some mild enhancements if needed.

What kind of camera do you use?

Sometimes I use a Canon Digital SLR with a big, fancy lens, sometimes a Holga (toy camera). I feel the camera itself is the most irrelevant part of making good images. Lighting, composition and a lot of practice makes good photos! I am constantly looking for new toys to try out, but I strongly believe that skill makes great images, not fancy or expensive gear.

Can you make me look younger?

Yes! I can smooth skin, make people appear thinner, remove blemishes etc. Some of this is done with lighting technique and some in post production. Cosmetic retouching does take time and is not always included in the price of your shoot, however. See the pricing page for details.